Alinghi Red Bull Racing AC40-4 Day 24 Summary

The beautiful sailing waters off Barcelona are about to become a crowded place with the arrival of all the America’s Cup teams in short order for the summer season, but for now Alinghi Red Bull Racing has the run of the place and put on a superb display today (Thursday) for the early-season sun-bathers dotted along the La Barceloneta beach.

Speaking afterwards, Nicolas Charbonnier spoke about having the Team Principal onboard and was impressed saying: “I think he’s a having a lot of fun sailing this boat and he’s learning really quickly so it’s amazing to have him onboard and I think we can see on his face when he’s jumping off how happy he was with the day… there is no difference to like a full-time professional sailor and Ernesto is just there sailing and we don’t change anything. He’s as good as any of us, and he’s a steering the boat and nothing is different.”

Section 41. Reconnaissance

a) As a campaign cost reduction measure, COR/D has mutually agreed to cooperatively implement a centralised reconnaissance programme for all teams for the reconnaissance of all Competitors’ AC75 Yachts, AC40 Yachts and LEQ12 yachts including both on-land and on-water imagery (the “Joint Recon Programme”).

b) Each team is assigned a two-person Recon Unit to follow their every on-water move, but it’s not that simple. The cameras are supplied and identical for all Recon Units. Drones are not allowed, and they can’t get that close, plus following a boat and keeping a camera steady at 45 knots isn’t that easy to begin with.

c) A three minute interview follows each on water day, and teams must answer the Recon Unit’s questions while trying not to give too much away. It’s a raw, unedited view of the never before seen behind-the-scenes development of a team and their boat to win the oldest trophy in international sports.

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